Hey guys can you take a second to help out? 

My campus is comprised of mostly commuters, yet we only have a few commuter lots that they can park in without getting a hefty ticket. I’m not a commuter, personally, however many of my friends are and this is a problem that affects them every day.

If you could take about 2 seconds of your time to sign this petition to turn a resident lot that’s hardly used into a resident AND commuter lot, it would really help. We need a lot more signatures  and I know it wouldn’t affect you but it’d be really cool if you could help out because the parking here is a serious issue.

Thanks :)

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    Thank you!
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    Hey. Anyone who goes to Rowan, ESPECIALLY those of you who commute. You should sign this. And those of you who don’t...
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    I’ve been dealing with a lack of parking for THREE years. AND they cement blocked off the big dirt lot behind the...
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    Yeah. Sign it guys. Please!
  8. poehlersdimples said: It sounds like your school and my school are having the opposite problem! But I will totally sign it.
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