Anonymous said:  I'm falling in love with my fuck buddy. I don't know what to do?!

I’d say either establish a relationship or break it off before you hurt your heart!

Anonymous said:  I was texting when I crashed my car into the car in front of me.

please please please anyone reading this refrain from doing this!!!! the commercials aren’t kidding when they say it can wait, guys! 

I really hope you and everyone involved is okay!

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❀ about me ❀


  • name: Brianne
  • age: 20
  • birthday: October 10
  • zodiac: Libra
  • single or taken: Taken~~ 
  • height: 5’4”
  • eye color: Brown
  • middle name: 404 Not Found
  • favorite color: green but also purple
  • lucky number: 6
  • hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
  • favorite fictional character: Nick Andopolis
  • favorite television show: Community
  • favorite season: Season 2 of Community…unless you mean like the weather, in which it’d be that transitional spring/summer time
  • describe yourself in a few words: shrimp fried rice
  • future children’s names: They change daily
  • meaning of your name: strength
  • ultimate otp: Lily/Marshall
  • what do you plan to/do for a living: Work for sesame street tbh
  • starbucks order: Salted caramel frap


  • introvert or extrovert: I’m like a weird mix
  • dawn or dusk: dusk
  • righty or lefty: righty
  • coffee or tea: tea
  • rain or shine: shine
  • reading or writing: both!

Zucchini is a type of squash. It falls under the summer squash variety and there are green and yellow zucchini to choose from. Pretentious chef layin some knowledge.

I had assumed that zucchini was a type of squash, I’m just saying that if I had the opportunity to be either strictly zucchini or just any squash in general, I’d take the one with more variety

Anonymous said:  Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?


I’ve sort of fluctuated on the intro-extro scale throughout my life. When I was a kid I was a complete extrovert, but then I became an introvert and stayed that way for a bit. Lately, over the past year, I’ve felt myself more becoming an extrovert. So truly I have no idea at this point.

polyhedral-paranoia said:  Would you rather be a zucchini or a squash.

I think I’d rather be a squash because I’m not really a huge fan of zucchini and there are so many different kinds of squash to choose from!

I want to start being an active member on tumblr again

hi talk to me

be my friend

I’m nice